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Senior Engineer (Data Distributions)



Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023

Audigent is looking to hire a Sr. Software Engineer to work alongside our highly skilled team focusing on the processing, analyzing and distribution of the segmentation and identity data flowing through our ad tech platform.

Audigent is a pioneering Data Management Platform that provides audience management,
segmentation, and monetization tools to a network of data, publisher and advertising partners.
Our publisher products provide a highly scaled solution for enabling our partners to manage,
analyze, and ultimately monetize their audiences, while our data activation tools, including
SmartPMPs and ContextualPMPs, provide a scalable, futureproof (cookieless) framework on
which media buyers can transact, delivering performance and value for the buyer with increased
yield management for Audigent and our partners.

While these systems already provide massive scale, analytics and segmentation, we are looking
to recruit a new Sr. Software Engineer to work alongside the existing team to manage and scale these systems as our company continues its exciting growth trajectory.

Key to excelling in this role will be your drive to leverage best-in-class current practices and
create novel processes and technologies to continue to drive up the quality and interoperability
of our segmentation and identity data. Audigent’s data is delivered daily to thousands of buyers
across many partner platforms and the quality of our data along with its effective delivery are
directly related to the revenue we generate as a business. As such, you will need to be willing to
take ownership of these data flows, ensuring that our clients are well served and diving in to
troubleshoot any issues.

This is a hugely exciting opportunity for you to be part of a highly skilled team building a cutting-
edge data processing, segmentation, and distribution system, comprising identity, audience
data, analytics, contextual data, and operating in both batch and realtime. As such, you must
have a demonstrable understanding of the AdTech ecosystem, data engineering, big data
infrastructure and efficient querying, in addition to proven engineering skills in the delivery of
scalable data solutions.

Role Basics

  • Location: Remote, US only, company HQ in NYC.
  • Compensation: $110K-$130K
  • Benefits include flexible office-remote work environment, 401K, medical and


  • Sr Engineer position - with path to Lead Engineer - within Audigent’s Data Distributions team.
  • Reporting directly to the Chief Engineer of Data Distributions.
  • Helping to architect next-gen data distribution systems.
  • Ownership of key production systems.
  • System uptime and quality assurance.
  • Data Delivery Troubleshooting

Successful Candidates Should Have:

  • 3+ years experience as a Sr Engineer working on production systems within AdTech
  • A demonstrable willingness to take End to End responsibility for the work
  • Production level Python coding skills
  • Production experience with AWS
  • Knowledge of IaaS (eg, Terraform, CDK)
  • SQL for big Data (Presto / HiveQL / BigQuery / SparkSQL / Etc)
  • Data Transformation (Batch & Streaming) (DBT)
  • Shell Scripting

Key Experience

  • The AdTech Ecosystem
  • Technical Documentation / Run Books for new systems / Feature and Config
  • Management
  • Bid stream data processing
  • Data pipelines and ETL
  • Skills and tools for assessing/ensuring Data Quality